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Principal's Report - Pownal Elementary School

The Pownal Elementary School faculty, staff and administration are pleased to share the status and initiatives of Pownal Elementary School. Our students continue to be the center of all that we do so that we are developing the “Whole Child”. Our arts, music and physical education programs are very strong and we have a commitment to these programs for our students.

Pownal School is proud to stay current with best practices in the area of technology. In addition to a Technology Lab, our building houses individual student net books for our first and second grade students. Chromebooks are now available for all of our third through sixth grade students.

We have continued our Positive Behavior Intervention Supports. Pownal School is a Safe, Respectful, and Responsible Community. PBIS or Positive Behavior Intervention Supports is our tiered intervention program that supports student behavior and learning. Our PBIS team has developed models of positive interventions for all students and has continued the second tier of PBIS called “Check-in Check out” (CICO). This program has shown that more time in class for students will show an overall increase in student performance of state and local assessments. We were recently recognized by the Vermont PBIS Team as an “Exemplar School” for the second year in a row.

We have continued to use data to make informed decisions in our MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) framework. In a MTSS model, the first tier is designed as preventative and includes academic, social, and behavioral components for all students. Tier 2 supports (secondary supports) are typically offered to small groups of students experiencing similar needs. (For example, there might be groups to improve oral reading fluency.) Tier 3 supports are the most intensive supports and are most often individualized.

I would like to thank the School Board for their dedication and commitment to students, staff and taxpayers. We also appreciate the efforts of our Superintendent, James Culkeen, Central Office Administrators, Coaches and Support Staff, who continuously guide us in our efforts to provide the best education possible for our students.

I would like thank all of the volunteers and programs who support Pownal Elementary School in their efforts to provide our students with the best possible educational opportunities: PTG, Spirit of Sharing, Ski Club, Drama Club, Four Winds Program, After School and Summer Program, and the Farm to School Program.

As Principal of Pownal Elementary School, I am very excited to be a part of the Pownal Elementary family and to closely work with everyone to make our school a great place for our students to learn and grow.

Educationally yours,

Todd Phillips